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This coin is a very nice original 1853 Arrows Seated Dime

This Coin was minted in Philadelphia 

This coin is graded AU55 by PCGS

The coin has the cert#33543322

The Liberty Seated Dimes Have 6 different types throughout the series from 1837-1891

Type 1: No Stars (1837-1838)

Type 2:No Drapery Stars on Obverse (1838-1840)

Type 3: Drapery Stars on Obverse (1840-1853,1856-1860)

Type 4: Arrows at Date (1853-1855)

Type 5: Legend Obverse (1860-1891)

Type 6: Legend Obverse Arrows at Date(1873-1874)

This Coins have been minted in Carson City, New Orleans, Philadelphia, & San Francisco at the various U.S. Mint Locations

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