Certified U.S. Coins

United States Certified Coins

1863 New York NY-F-630AQ-3a Gustavus Lindermueller AU58BN NGC
This is one of the larger size civil war tokensThis is a very nice coin it show a Beer Stein on the ..
1878-S MS63 PCGS Morgan Dollar
Morgan Silver dollarDesigned by George T. MorganMintage: 9,774,000Composition: 0.900 Silve..
1879 Indian Cent PCGS MS64BN
Indian Head PennyDesigned by James B. LongacreMintage: 16,228,000Composition: 0.880 Copper..
1880 MS63 PCGS ***TWO-SIDED TONER*** Morgan Dollar
A very nice two-sided toner morgan dollar.PCGS certified this one as MS63 CERT#26277432..
1881-S MS65 NGC ***TONED*** Morgan Dollar
This coin is a very nice TONED example of an 1881-S Morgan DollarThis coin was graded MS65 by NGCThi..
1883 Shield Nickel PCGS MS64 - 3 over 3
Shield Nickel - Variety 2Designed by James B. LongacreMintage: 1,451,500Composition: 0.750..
1884 Morgan Dollar  MS65+ NGC
Morgan DollarDesigned by  Christian GobrechtMintage: 9,976,000 Composition: 0.90..
1889 Indian Head Cent MS63RB PCGS
Indian Head CentDesigned by James B. LongacreMintage: 48,866,025 Composition: 0.880 C..
1891-O Seated Dime PCGS MS62
Seated DimeMintage: 4,540,000Composition: 0.900 Silver 0.100 CopperPCGS Cert#33274299..
1896 Silver Morgan Dollar PCGS MS66+
Morgan DollarDesigned by  Christian GobrechtMintage: 9,976,000 Composition: 0.900 Silver 0..
1901 Indian Cent PCGS MS64RB
Indian HeadDesigned by James B. LongacreMintage: 79,609,158Composition: 0.880 Copper 0.120 NickelPCG..
1909 Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS MS65RB
Lincoln Wheat CentDesigned by Victor D. BrennerMintage: 14,368,470Composition: 0.950 Copper 0.050 Ti..
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