Copper coins from the United States

1818 PCGS AU55 Large Cent
Liberty Head aka Matron Head - Large CentDesigned by Robert Scot or John ReichMintage: 3,167,000Comp..
1848 Large Cent PCGS AU58 - CAC
Liberty Head aka Braided HairDesigned by Christian GobrechtMintage: 6,415,799Composition: CopperPCGS..
1901 Indian Cent PCGS MS64RB
Indian HeadDesigned by James B. LongacreMintage: 79,609,158Composition: 0.880 Copper 0.120 NickelPCG..
1909 Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS MS65RB
Lincoln Wheat CentDesigned by Victor D. BrennerMintage: 14,368,470Composition: 0.950 Copper 0.050 Ti..
1954-S Lincoln Wheat Cent PCGS MS67RD
Lincoln Wheat CentDesigned by Victor D. BrennerMintage: 96,190,000Composition: 0.950 Copper 0.050 Ti..
1995 Lincoln Cent - Double Die Obverse - PCGS MS68RD - CAC
Lincoln PennyDesigned by Victor D. Brenner & Frank GasparroMintage: 6,411,442,000Composition: 0...
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